Minneapolis & St. Paul Floor Buffing, Refinishing, Polishing, Cleaning

In order to achieve the high gloss wet look, we use ultra high speed floor burnishers with special pads that produce heat. Temporarily heating the floor finish with the addition of our buffing pastes hardens the floor’s finish. After a floor is cleaned and free of heal marks and other blemishes, it is ready to be buffed or polished.

Best Value

With our proprietary buffing pastes, we are able to produce a shine at a 70% savings over a strip and wax process.


Awesome Shine

We work our buffing pastes into the floor finish with a special buffing pad. The result is an incredible, wet look that gives your floor a deep, mirror shine. After we do a chemical-free strip, we recommend following up a couple of weeks later with a high speed buff. When we do this, we bring the floor to its ultimate shine.

Protective Coat

The result of working our buffing pastes into the floor’s finish is that our buffing pastes leave a very hard thin protective coat, like a very thin sheet of glass.

Shine lasts longer

The combination of heat from our buffing pads, our buffing pastes, and floor finish results in a longer lasting shine.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buff N’ Shine Floors stands behind their work. If for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with our work and they contact us within 5 days, we will return and correct any areas that are requested.

Receive a free quote and demo

Buff N' Shine floors provides a free demonstration to prove that our specialized floor stripping and buffing methods are guaranteed to provide the results we advertise.